We have recently added Pro-Engineer Wildfire 2 and Pro-Manufacture.  This allows us to not only support Pro-E users directly, but manufacture and implement parts and projects from any electronic format provided.


Gizmotech is a full service prototype and short production run machine shop. As a group, we have over 40 years of manufacturing experience between us. Our motto is "If you can think it up, we can  make it". We can take a rough sketch, engineering drawings, or electronic files and produce a single prototype or 1000's of production parts.  We have been known to get an electronic file by noon, and have that part shipped out via UPS for next day delivery.  Some facilities with machine shops in house can't compete with our fast turn capabilities.

We are supporting both domestic and international customers.  These include, but are not limited to, KLW Nameplate, eMagine, ZF MArine, Port-A-Strop, Pensar Development, Ideology in Sydney, Australia, Data-Linc Group,  and Teague.

If you wish to contact us, we are located in Arlington, Washington.  Our phone is 1-360-435-1050, or EMAIL at dave@gizmotech-mfg.com



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